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Yamaha Banshee 350 - Boost Bottle

Yamaha Banshee 350 - Boost Bottle
Item# 32-2700

Product Description

Yamaha Banshee 350 - Boost Bottle

The best and least expensive way to increase throttle response and low end power is by installing a Pro-Tec boost bottle. Pro-Tec boost bottles connect to the intake manifold which replaces the standard balance tube. Aluminum construction and heli-arc welded for strength and durability.

Boost Bottle Theory

The boost bottle is a storage unit with a fixed volume, usually the equivalent cc of one cylinder, that stores an unused fuel-air charge. Since the fuel-air mixture moves at very high velocity while traveling through the intake manifold, the inertia and mass needs to be dissipated. This inertia forces the fuel-air mixture thats already in the boost bottle from the previous cycle into the intake manifold, thus boosting the power. The process of storing the fuel-air charge assures there will always be a supply of freshly atomized fuel that is instantly ready at throttle up.

What all this means is the torque and horsepower is boosted at the lower levels of the power band to make quicker take-offs and faster mid-range speeds.

*Fits all years

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