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Yamaha Rhino 700 - Dynatek CDI Remote Programmer

Yamaha Rhino 700 - Dynatek CDI Remote Programmer
Item# 30-0001

Product Description

Yamaha Rhino 700 - Dynatek CDI Remote Programmer.

The Dynatek Rhino 700 CDI Remote Serial Programmer is the newest ignition accessory item available form Dynatek this year. For customers who already have the Dynatek FS Digital Ignition Box (CDI unit) this item will provide additional tune-ability for your EFI controlled vehicle.

The Dynatek CDI Remote Serial Programmer will enable the use of 4 pre-programmed ignition advance curves in the CDI unit as well as provide EFI adjustability.

The CDI Remote Serial Controller will allow you to adjust the air/fuel ratio up to plus 20% or minus 17.5% in 3 different RPM ranges. The adjustability of this item will allow you to tune your Yamaha Rhino 700 for a wide variety of engine, intake and exhaust modifications.

For the advanced engine tuner, the Dyanatek Curvemaker software included will allow you to also access the advanced timing curves available from Dyanatek.

This item is a must for the Yamaha Rhino owner who wants to get the maximum performance from their high performance engine combination.


- Dash Mounted Serial Programmer

- Curvemaker Software

- USB Cable

*This programmer allows the customer infinite tuning of our 700 EFI controller. You now can add and delete fuel throughout the RPM range. This product should be used with all big more motors and race applications.

**It is not necessary for bolt on performance applications.

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